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The Instagram Photo Props You Need

The Instagram Photo Props You Need

The Instagram Photo Props You Need

One of the secrets behind those drool-worthy Instagram photos is the strategic use of props. They add visual interest, tell a story, and enhance your overall Instagram aesthetic. Whether you're a business owner showcasing your products, a food blogger, or just an Instagram enthusiast, the right props can level up your Instagram game. Here's a list of some photo props that you can start incorporating into your shots.

1. Textures and Fabrics

A piece of cloth, a rug, or a blanket can bring warmth, contrast, and depth to your photos. They also help to soften the overall image and add an interesting backdrop to your main subject. Opt for natural fabrics and neutral colors to keep your photos looking sophisticated.

2. Lifestyle Objects

These are items you encounter in your daily life. Think notebooks, glasses, watches, cups of coffee, candles, and cosmetics. They are excellent props that can help to tell a story and add a personal touch to your photos.

3. Food Items

Whether you're a food blogger or not, food items like fruits, pastries, or a refreshing drink can serve as great props. They bring in natural elements and can add pops of color to your photos.

4. Nature Elements

Speaking of natural elements, don't overlook the charm of leaves, flowers, seashells, or pebbles. They can add a touch of freshness and life to your photos.

5. Lighting Props

Fairy lights, neon signs, or even candles can add interesting lighting effects and elevate the mood in your photos. Just remember not to overdo it to keep your photo from looking cluttered.

6. Vintage Items

Old books, vinyl records, typewriters, or vintage cameras can create a nostalgic and timeless vibe.

7. Craft Supplies

These can be colorful papers, paint brushes, ribbons, or anything else you'd find in a craft store. They are perfect for adding color and visual interest to your photos.


Props can truly transform your Instagram photos from good to amazing. Remember, the key is to choose props that match your aesthetic and help to tell your story. So why wait? Start gathering your props and get creative with your Instagram photography!


  1. What type of props should I use for my Instagram photos?

    The type of props you should use depends on your Instagram aesthetic and the story you're trying to tell. Textures, fabrics, lifestyle objects, food items, elements from nature, lighting props, vintage items, and craft supplies are all great options to consider.

  2. Where can I find props for my Instagram photos?

    You can find props all around you. Look around your home for everyday items, check out thrift stores for unique and vintage items, or visit craft stores for colorful supplies. Nature is also a great source of props like flowers, leaves, or seashells.

  3. How can I incorporate props without making my photo look cluttered?

    The key to using props effectively is to maintain a balance. Too many props can make your photo look cluttered. Choose a few key items that complement your main subject and help to tell your story, and remember to leave some negative space to let your photo breathe.

  4. How can I use props to tell a story?

    Each prop you choose should serve a purpose and contribute to the overall narrative of your photo. For example, a cup of coffee next to an open book can tell a story of a relaxing afternoon, while a notepad, pen, and glasses can suggest a busy work day.

  5. How do I choose props that match my Instagram aesthetic?

    Consider your overall color scheme, mood, and style when choosing props. If your aesthetic is minimal and neutral, opt for simple props in muted tones. If your aesthetic is colorful and vibrant, go for props that add pops of color to your photos.

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